Logos 4 Life

"Words that Wither Walls"
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Greetings from the creators of Logos4Life, and welcome to the land of possibilities. Our general slogan is “Words That Wither Walls”.  Our original quotes and slogans for our T-Shirts and other future forms of media are intended to amuse, inform, inspire, titillate and liberate. We call our 1st line of T-Shirts “graffiti art”, and we hope they can ‘wither’ some ‘walls’. We also envision our site as an interactive community, so when the time is right, we’ll invite you to contribute progressive slogans and innovative designs that contribute to our vision that anything is possible. In return, you will earn 40% of every product we sell with your imagery and original quotations. To purchase T-Shirts for under $20, please, take a moment to visit our Primary Store.